Born and raised in Kansas City. Educated in the US and France. Living in New York. Lawyering around the globe. Creating Art. Seeking Joy. Loving God. And telling the stories along the way.  



My photography journey finds its roots in pure, unadulterated vanity. When I was about 15 years old, my dad and I were backing out of our long, winding driveway in his gold Plymouth van to go to church. As he looked into in his rear view mirror to guide our exit, he caught a glimpse of himself. Shocked by what he saw, he immediately stopped the van, jumped out, and retrieved his camera. He then handed the camera to me and said, “Here. Take my picture. I look too good not to capture this moment.” With an eye roll, I followed him over to the large oak tree in the middle of our front yard and commenced a 4-minute photoshoot. As we looked at the images, I too was shocked – not by the beauty of my subject, but by the brilliance of my composition. I looked at my dad. We were both pleased.  

I invite you to bear witness to the merging of my joys: Travel, Justice, Faith, and Splendor.